Fakra Zamak Die Casting Parts That Pass Reflow Oven Test

  1. Material: zamak5#
  2. Process: Zinc alloy die-cast
  3. Drawings format: PDF, DWG, STP, X-T
  4. Salt spray test: 24H
  5. Tooling making time: about 30 days
  6. Long tooling life: million shots.
  7. Ownership of mold: belongs to the customer
  8. PPAP documents could be provided when sending final samples
  9. Certificate: IATF16949
  10. Drawings: 2D and 3D drawings
  11. The dimension tolerance: +/-0.05mm;
  12. Roughness: ra +/- 0.8um-3.2um
  13. Quality Management System: IATF16949
  14. Lead Time: 15-25 days
  15. Finish: Matte tin palting
  16. Origin place: Made in China

Developing Capability:

Fakra Zamak die casting parts that pass reflow oven test . The standard of our reflow oven test is 260°, 210ss. Fakra precision connector shell is one major parts in our business range. Auto parts have high quality requirements, and this zamak fakra die casting houisng is applied in auto parts. For such parts, we can provide , PPAP documentswhen sending final samples.

Factory Show:

Factory Show:

Video Introduction:

Zinc Alloy Casting Production

Die Casting Part CNC Turning



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