D-Sub Zamak Die Casting Housing Connector Shells With Smooth Surface

  1. Material: zink
  2. Brand: EC Tech
  3. Surface treatment: sandblasting and Nickel plating
  4. Roughness: Ra +/- 0.8um-3.2um
  5. Certificate: ISO9001
  6. Lead time: 25-45days
  7. Mold ownership: belongs to customer1,
  8. Certificate: RoHS, MSDS
  9. Forming process: zinc alloy die-cast
  10. Drawings: PDF, DWG, STP
  11. Corrosion resistance: 48H
  12. Mold production cycle: 30 days
  13. Dimension toleraqnce:+/- 0.05
  14. Application: communication equipment

Developing Capability:

D-Sub Zamak die casting housing connector shells with a smooth surface. Die casting is a kind of precision casting method which makes use of high pressure to force the metal to melt into a complex metal mold by high pressure. Zinc alloy has a low melting point that is easy to die cast a complex die casting component. In addition, die casting part can be done with different surface treatments. This D-Sub housing is done with Nickle plating that can pas 48H salt spray testing. And the surface without colors different, peeling, sand holes, and so on.

Factory Show:

Factory Show:

Video Introduction:

Zinc Alloy Casting Production

Die Casting Part CNC Turning



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