Aluminum Alloy Automotive Housing Meet Light Weight Popular Style

  1. Material: ADC12
  2. Manufacturer: EC Tech
  3. Finish: In raw finish
  4. Roughness: Ra 0.8-3.2
  5. Certificate: IATF16949
  6. Delivery time: 25-45days
  7. Tooling ownership: belongs to customer
  8. Certificate: ISO9001
  9. Forming process: Aluminum alloy die cast
  10. Drawing sofware: UG; ProE; Slider works
  11. Tooling life: 100,000-150,000 shots
  12. Mold production cycle: 30 days
  13. General olerance:+/- 0.05mm

Developing Capability:

Aluminum alloy automotive housing meets lightweight popular style. Die casting aluminum alloy parts are the most widely used in automotive compared with other aluminum material parts, they are widely used in chassis, car bodies, power systems, and other fields. According to Die Casting magazine, die-cast aluminum accounts for about 77% of the aluminum used in automobiles. There are several advantages to using aluminum alloy in vehicle. ①Aluminum is lighter, it can help to push energy conservation and emission reduction. ② Aluminum metal can be recycled, which can save energy. ③ Aluminum parts can prolong parts’ life and improve corrosive resistance.

Why high pressure aluminum alloy parts are more and more wildly used in automotive parts?

  • Aluminum alloy has high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity at high temperatures.
  • Aluminum brittleness is also very small at high temperatures, then can be widely used in refrigeration equipment;
  • Aluminum alloy is light in weight, low in density, favorable in price, and durable in appearance.
  • Aluminum alloy die casting components have high dimensional accuracy and good stability.

Factory Show:

Factory Show:

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