ADC 12 Al Alloy Die Casting Heat Sink Enclosure One Stop Service

  1. Material: ADC12
  2. Manufacturer: Dongguan EC Tech
  3. Finish: Raw part
  4. Roughness: Ra 0.8-3.2
  5. Certificate: ISO9001
  6. Lead time: 25-45days
  7. Tooling ownership: belongs to customers
  8. Certificate: RoHS
  9.  Forming process: Cold chamber die cast
  10. Drawings: PDF, DWG, STP
  11. Tooling life: 100,000-150,000 shots
  12. Mold production cycle: 30 days
  13. General olerance:+/- 0.05mm

Developing Capability:

ADC 12 AL alloy die casting heat sink enclosure one stop service.The high efficiency thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is the ideal medium for maintaining good heat dissipation function and energy conversion. The characteristics of aluminum alloy heat sink housing is that heating is fast and with high efficiency. Besides, compare with steel heat sink, the same size of aluminum alloy heat sink is lighter, the weight is 1/ 3of the steel heat sink. What’s more, the die castiung part is more precision and surface is more smoother, which need less secondary mahcining.

Factory Show:

Factory Show:

Video Introduction:

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